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broker price opinion (BPO)


Real estate licensees can provide a BPO or Brokers Opinion of Value.  

Mr. Peele is a licensed Broker-Associate 

and provides this Valuation Service.

A BPO is not an appraisal and appraisers who provide this valuation service outside of  appraisal practice are not subject to USPAP so long as they clearly declare that they are not acting in the capacity of an appraiser.  BPO's cost less than appraisals.

"ask-an-appraiser" Consultation


Mr. Peele will perform an "overview" of your commercial property for a small fee.  

Please go to the page on this site entitled "Ask-An-Appraiser and follow the four step process.  

commercial RE appraisal


Please go to www.CFAppraisal.com 

35 years of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) experience in central Florida.  

Expert in office, industrial, retail, both multi-tenant and single tenant, residential related commercial properties, churches, day care centers & many more.

List of "RE Related Service Providers" 

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