Reason to use this service

For a nominal fee, you can tap into the knowledge of a 35 year Commercial RE Appraiser to help you make informed decisions.

Typical Questions on Commercial Real Estate Include:  Income Analysis

How to calculate a rental rate without using rent comps from the market

How to estimate lease-up costs 

What expenses qualify as operating expenses in calculating net operating income (NOI)

Explain the three  major lease types, NNN, Modified Gross, Full Service

Explain why I should use one instead of the other

What is a CAM charge? How does it fit into the Income Summary?

What is a gross rent multiplier?  Are they reliable?

Help me to Choose an Appraiser

Can you recommend appraisers with specialties in different geographic locations?

Should my appraiser have an MAI designation?

How does one earn an MAI designation?

What should I look for when hiring an appraiser?

Can an appraisal help me sell my property faster without leaving money on the table?

Business Appraisal

Are Business Appraisers the same as Real Estate Appraisers?

Can you recommend a Business Appraiser best suited for my specific business?

Market Studies

Do you provide market studies for various types of properties, i.e., Office-Industrial, etc?

Residential Appraisers

Can you direct me to a residential appraiser best suited to my particular property?

Phone Consultation

Dan provides phone consultation at $5.00 per minute with a minimum 10 minute call.

If you can get your questions answered in 10 minutes or less you pay only $50

By email, ask Dan to Invoice you through Square for a 10 minute phone consultation

Real Estate Brokerage, Commercial

Daniel Peele is a Broker-Associate with Acquisition Consultants, a top tier Orlando based firm.  Let Mr. Peele explain to you why he may be the best choice to help you in buying  or selling commercial real estate in central Florida.

List of RE related Service Providers (CFAC website) 

List of RE Related Service Providers, Residential Appraisers, Non-Bank Lenders, etc 

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Procedure for Getting Written Answers to Appraisal Related Questions

Step 1:  Send an email with questions to:

Step 2:  Dan will respond ASAP with a price for services

Step 3:  If price is acceptable, Reply with OK

Step 4:  Dan will send you an Invoice using "Square" which processes credit cards

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Real Estate Expert

Dan Peele has appraised, and continues to appraise  a wide variety of commercial RE in central Florida for over 3+ decades.